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For many travellers, Belgrade, Serbia, is known for its cheap nightlife, but it has a different reputation. With floating bars, restaurants and nightclubs along the banks of the Danube and Sava, it is no surprise that Bel Grade has a reputation for having the liveliest nightlife in Eastern Europe. The floating nightclub and restaurant "splavovi" line the banks of the Sava and give it its well-deserved reputation of having something to eat.

If you are planning to see more of Serbia than Belgrade, we recommend other places such as Novi Sad, Subotica and Ucize Nis, although we recommend you do both. If you are looking for a local ambience, such as the city centre, the old town or even the historic city centre, there are many possibilities to explore.

To make the most of your visit, follow our Belgrade route and see all the places for yourself. If you missed our itineraries for your weekend trip to Serbia, we would be glad to hear from you. We show you what you can do in Bel Grade in 2 days and what sights to see. The Belgrade Serbia Travel Guide is my personal experience, which I wanted to share in this article.

I spent a lot of time exploring Serbia, but I forgot to spend most of my trip (a few days) exploring the city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and the second largest city in the country after Sofia. I made a part-time visit to Belgrade and got that it is a fairly easy bus ride from Sofia.

Due to its central location in the Balkans, Belgrade has its own bus system, with many buses to and from the city centre. It is useful to combine a visit to Novi Belgrade and Zemun, as both districts are served by many buses from Old Belgrade, but there are many other ways to travel between the two cities, such as the metro or train.

If you are travelling between Serbia and Hungary, we strongly urge you to interrupt your journey between Belgrade and Budapest. We recommend connecting with Serbia or Montenegro and absolutely take the train (or train, bus, metro or subway) to Bel Grade (except by train) and stop in some places along the route.

If you plan to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days, please contact the Serbian Embassy or one of its consulates to obtain information on the requirements applicable to your specific situation. If you stop, ask for a full explanation and if no explanation comes, ask for a conversation with the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade or the embassies of Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia.

When you enter Serbia and then go to Kosovo, you have the correct entry stamp on your passport, and Serbia treats you as if you were in Serbia all the time. If you can visit Serbia without a visa, please remember that you are not from Serbia, as this gives visitors from other Balkan and European countries a different experience from when they visit Serbia.

Belgrade, Serbia is perhaps not the most popular European destination, and that is a pity, as it is one of the best destinations in Europe. The city is a true paradise in terms of sights and activities. There are several excellent free walks offered to Belgrade and to the main tourist attractions that can be visited in a few days. There are many places where you can do things, such as the city center, the old town, Belgrade, Kranjevo and other parts of Serbia, but there is also a great variety of other places in Serbia that have a lot of things to do.

If you have already visited some of the sights of Belgrade, you can also find out about the day trips that are offered in and around Belgrade.

Belgrade will keep its promise to do what it does best for travelers who take the time to open their minds and allow their magic to unfold. Do these things and travel to Belgrade and let us get some fantastic things you can do in 2 days in Belgrade. If you know what you are insured for, you travel with confidence and the knowledge that in the worst case scenario you could still travel without fear.

Belgrade has some of the most famous medieval frescoes in the world, such as Tito the Lion, the Belgrade Cathedral and much more worthy of your time. Serbian culture and head to head to dive into it, even if you do not have the original to visit the monasteries in southern Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

If you want to explore the alternative side of Belgrade on your own, I recommend this hipster guide to Belgrade. My travel blogger Wanderlustingk has written a great guide to where to eat and drink coffee in Bel Grade, including some places I'd like to try on my next visit. If you want to understand the city, add it to your list of sights inBelgrade. The excellent men in seat 61 have much more information about trains in and out of Bel, including trains that run to and from Belgrade, the main railway stations and even the railway station in the city centre.

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More About Belgrade