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Before we start our Belgrade route, which will make you fall in love with this fantastic Serbian capital, we have to discuss how many days you should spend there. There are many things to do in Belgrade, but I have listed the big ones here so you can plan your trip. If you do not have 3-day Belgrade tours, you can always stop in one of the many hotels in the city, or if you stay in Serbia for 3 days, you have the possibility to take a full-day tour of Belgrade, the second or third of which is a short trip. You will be west along the Sava (the same road actually). For the second, third and third days In Belgrade, I recommend the day trips in and around Bel Grade, all of which take place on the West-East road (like the road you are riding on).

If you want to leave Serbia before you arrive in Belgrade, there is a regular bus to Skopje, Macedonia. Catch the direction Pristaniste and get off at Kalemegdan (Old Town of Bel Grade) and take the bus from there to the city centre.

The variety of activities in Belgrade will keep you busy, so make sure your stay is long enough to allow you to explore the city centre and Old Town of Bel Grade. This is a perfect complement to your Serbia route and can be easily reached on foot with the help of a map and a guide from the tourist office.

Learn more about the history of Belgrade and Serbia and enjoy the incredible beauty of the buildings. When you come to Belgrade, you should definitely visit all the amazing sights of Belgrade, admire the view from there and be a part of the modern history of Serbia. Make sure you experience it through the best things you can do in Belgrade and make the most of your visit.

If you have any other tips for Belgrade and Serbia, please write them in the comments and behave in our comments.

If you are looking for a one-day tour in Belgrade, you should definitely visit A. If you can see all the major sights within a few days, what can you do? We will give you a guided tour and show you the places to see and what to do in each place.

Belgrade is located in the centre of Serbia, so do not underestimate your time here, it is truly the most important city in all that Serbia has to offer. With so many sights in the second Serbian capital, you won't be bored if you travel too long somewhere.

See some of the things you can do in Belgrade and see how you can read the two-day itinerary below. If you have already been through all the sights of Belgrade, you can also inquire about the excursions that are offered in and from Belgrade.

If you are travelling between Serbia and Hungary, we strongly urge you to interrupt your journey between Belgrade and Budapest. We recommend combining Serbia and Montenegro and stopping in some places along the route and taking belgrade (except by train). If you are planning to see more of Serbia than Serbia itself, we recommend other places such as Novi Sad, Subotica and Ucize Nis, although we advise against them because they are too far from the capital. Before you go on holiday to Serbia, you should check the travel advice of the country before you travel.

If you are visiting Belgrade alone, consider a night and beer tour, which is a great way to go out and meet people and see for yourself. Watch the sunset from the place where the Danube and Sava meet, and you will want to gather and have a drink. Visit the Belgrade Arena and attend a basketball game or music concert, or stroll through the Belgrade Arena on a free tour.

This place offers some of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city, and it is said that the Belgrade fortress and the history of Belgrade in Serbia are equal to any other fortress in Europe, even the Great Wall. When visiting Belgrade, you should visit the fortress that bears her name. Knowing the history of its fortresses is important to know the history of the people and to understand the way of life in Belgrade today.

If you want to explore the alternative side of Belgrade on your own, we recommend the Hipster Guide to Belgrade. As the capital of Serbia, there is definitely a lot to see and do, but if you are wondering what to do in Serbia and its sights, this is one of the most satisfying and enlightening ways to stroll through Serbia. If you have thought about the best places in the city and their possibilities, you should visit the National Museum of Art and Design in Zagreb, the oldest and most famous museum in Europe.

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More About Belgrade