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Atterbury Europe has developed a brand new shopping centre in the heart of Brussels, Belgium, in a joint venture with MPC Properties. On the first two floors you will find some of Belgium's most famous brands, such as KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Starbucks and many more. The first floor houses the offices and offices of Mohamed ElBaradei, owner and founder of Daimler AG.

On the third floor hungry buyers will find a complete food court with a magnificent view of Belgrade. The stadium also has the full stadium with its roof, but it is not only a football stadium, it also houses the world's best IMAX cinema, which is able to showcase the best of cinema in Europe as well as some of the most famous Belgian brands.

The shopping centre also has several restaurants and cafés where you can relax while shopping. If you want to do a lot of shopping, you should take at least a day to visit the shopping malls and find the best deals.

When it comes to enjoying the sales in Belgrade, you should be careful at the end of the season. During this time, the streets are full of people, so you don't have to walk around and hang out with friends, eat popcorn or get some delicious "Belgrade ice cream." On Sunday there are many open shops in the late evening, but the street is crowded during this time.

There are several outlets in the centre of Belgrade, but the largest and most important one is in Zagreb, a small town located 58 kilometres from Belgrade. There you will find well-known Serbian and global brands, and it offers more than 100 stores on two levels. The shopping center is located at the crossroads of the New and Old Belgrade and is the second largest in the city. Most of the shops are concentrated in the city centre and surrounding areas, such as the Old Town and the New Town, as well as in some small towns.

It was built at the beginning of the last century and was the first real shopping center in Serbia and for a long time the only shopping center in Belgrade. At that time it offered products from many craft shops, but it has long since been overtaken by other shopping centers in the city center such as Zagreb and Zadar.

Today, Blok 70 New Belgrade is dominated as a shopping center by small traders from China, who sell everything. If you want to find all the brands mentioned and more in one place, you have to expect to do it yourself. It is located on the other side of the river from New Belgrade and is obviously very cheap, so you probably won't end up there.

If you prefer the market, don't miss the new Belgrade, located on the other side of the river, only a few kilometers from the city center. Finally, there is another block of 70 shopping centers in New Belgrade, better known as the "Chinese Mall" for those looking for cheap shopping.

When you are in Belgrade, you can visit one of the most popular shopping centers in the city center, such as the Zagreb Shopping Center. If you prefer to go to the Usce shopping centre in Delta City, we recommend you to visit the shopping centre across the river at the corner of Bijeljina and Vukovar streets.

The Usce Center is located near the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers and is the largest shopping center in the city center and the second largest in Belgrade after the Zagreb Shopping Center. Although Rakovica is far from the city centre, it has one of the largest shopping centres in Belgrade, and most of them are quite magnificent. Some are big, some are small, but all are good for the average shopper looking for the same brands from around the world.

The only shopping facilities in Belgrade are in the city center, and that is because it is one of the most popular shopping centers in Serbia. The collections are usually from the pre-season or the year in Western Europe, but also from other countries.

If you fancy the traditional kitschy souvenirs you always buy when you're in the country, you can pick them up here. There are many Serbian books for sale here in Belgrade, and many of them can be found on Amazon.

If you want to buy clothes and accessories that are unique and made in Belgrade, you have many options here. Visit the Ethnographic Museum (Studentski trag 13), often decorated with beautiful traditional sashes, or the Museum of Applied Arts and Crafts, which offers a selection of jewelry in medieval style.

Galerija Belgrade is currently one of the few places where foreign visitors can forget about VAT refunds. You should be able to find markets and grocery stores from all over the country, but you must have a Metro card and be at a company from Serbia before you can buy anything. Metro also has a Lidl, and you can find them in many other cities in Serbia, such as Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, London, Paris, etc.

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More About Belgrade