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We have reduced it to our top 4 recommendations here, but who takes the first place when it comes to the best modern restaurants in Belgrade, Serbia and the rest of the world. This is what one could call one of our best "modern" restaurants in Belgrade, and I am proud of it.

This modern restaurant in the famous concrete hala in New Belgrade with magical view of the Sava and Usce rivers will satisfy all senses. Whether you prefer traditional, traditional or modern cuisine or a combination of both, Belgrade has countless restaurants to try during your stay. If you are not sure where to start, the local and local food in this restaurant, together with the great atmosphere, is the best place to eat "Serbian cuisine" in Belgrade.

Find out more about the best restaurants in Belgrade and other places in the city in our guide to the most popular restaurants and bars in Serbia.

The saffron bar is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade and offers fine plated dishes with a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. The best place for locals to enjoy delicious vegetarian dishes is the multi-cuisine offered to their guests, including Indian and Thai. Miamiam is an Indian restaurant in Belgrade that offers travelers and locals the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine while dining in a place that smells of modern ambience. It offers a wide selection of dishes from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and South Africa, as well as a menu of local dishes. Cafe Lavash is the best bed for the good Indian restaurants of Bel-Grade, which give travelers or locals the chance to enjoy some of the best in the world from East and West.

It is rightly popular with locals and is one of the best restaurants in the city serving Serbian dishes, with an extensive menu that includes a wide selection of local dishes as well as dishes from other parts of Europe and the world.

Restaurants in Belgrade offer a wide selection of food and drinks, ranging from five to ten euros per meal, whether it is an upscale or middle-class restaurant. The reason why it makes our list of the best cheap restaurants in Belgrade is that sometimes you just need a hot and filling meal for just one dollar.

Bagel Bejgl is one of the best cheap restaurants in Belgrade, because it is run by an Athens NGO. This is what makes it the cheapest of the good restaurants that Belgrade has to offer. In Bel Serbia you can catch up on the latest events in the city and have access to a wide selection of food and drinks as well as a variety of entertainment options, such as live music.

For all the activities in Belgrade, see our list of activities in Belgrade and our guide to the best places in the city. If you need more inspiration for day trips, you can also behave yourself by visiting some of our favorite places. Bookmark our Serbia and Balkan travel site so we can find new resources for your trip.

Belgrade is constantly changing and we will update this guide, as we have new information on where to eat and drink coffee in Belgrade and Serbia. Anyone who has lived, visited or would recommend us to be in Belgrade, please let us know in the comments below if you are not here and have any suggestions. Tell us where you ate and drank coffee during your stay in Belgrade or Serbia and please have a look at our guide to the best places in Serbia where you can drink and eat during your stay in Belarus.

These restaurants are part of the modern gourmet culture that covers the Balkans and Serbia. Serbia in Belgrade has a growing number of guests who enjoy foreign cuisine and restaurants. We hope you will discover new restaurants that you can try, and we hope you will be able to taste some of the more exotic cuisines of Serbia. If you are vegetarian, you have the opportunity to visit everything, including vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade, whether it is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center, a vegan restaurant or even a restaurant with vegetarian dishes.

What makes Serbia one of the best restaurants in the world for foreign cuisine is the delicious specialties and international cuisine, which are served in a fine manner.

A real Belgrade restaurant can offer traditional Serbian cuisine with a modern touch, while at the same time preserving the quintessence of a particular dish and paying great attention to the quality of the ingredients. This restaurant is designed to satisfy both Serbian and foreign guests. The list of the cheapest restaurants in Bel-Grade includes meals from 100 dinars to 500 dinars (1.5 USD). A cosy restaurant where you can eat the best Gibanica in Belgrade is the so-called Dva Jelena.

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