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If you are looking to buy or rent an apartment in Belgrade, Serbia, you should know this before you move to the White City. If you want to rent a small apartment in one of the most prestigious real estate markets in the world or if you want to invest your money in buying property in Belgrade, then you may be in the right place.

Some of the biggest companies see this as they know how to advertise on websites and magazines to get their offer to you. They work in the same way as any other real estate company in Belgrade, Serbia: through advertising, marketing and marketing.

You will move abroad and with the help of a foreign removal company you can ensure that your belongings arrive in your new Belgrade apartment unscathed. If you have found a suitable apartment to rent or buy, please contact an English speaking real estate agent. English listed websites, such as Real Estate Serbia, will specialize in helping foreigners find property in Belgrade for the first time.

BELGRADE SERBIA is an officially registered company dedicated to supporting companies that wish to establish or expand in Serbia when doing business worldwide. We are here to build on the excellent reputation we have acquired on the Belgrade market. Having received a team of experts specialized in the luxury real estate market in Belgrade, we do not feel like cooperating with other agencies.

Real estate Continental 100 offers real estate for rent and sale in Belgrade and is one of the leading agencies in the country with a portfolio of more than 1,000 properties. With this membership, the members of the Real Estate Cluster Serbia have the opportunity to become part of a global network of world-class real estate professionals and acquire knowledge and skills that have been developed and applied in the countries of NAR members over the decades. The first summit was attended by representatives of the world's leading real estate agencies and representatives of other countries.

Retail is also active, and on October 30, Belgrade opened its largest shopping center. The Galerija shopping centre has 93,000 square metres of GLA, and if you travel through Bel Grade today you can notice the presence of a number of high-end retail shops, restaurants, hotels and restaurants.

The consequences of the coronavirus outbreak have quickly affected the real estate market in Serbia, and at the end of 2019 it was announced that property prices will continue to rise next year. The increase in property prices in this community is best seen in the fact that the square meter of apartments in older buildings cost an average of 1,766 euros in the third quarter. In the last quarter of 2018, the average price of a studio apartment in a new building in Belgrade has risen to 2628 euros.

Despite the pandemic, the real estate sector remains very active and construction of commercial and infrastructure projects continues, while construction sites remain operational. CTP is building a logistics and production facility in Belgrade and is currently developing a new office building in the city center, as well as a hotel and residential building. The first course was successfully completed with participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and we successfully provided consulting services for real estate investments.

If you live in Sarajevo and find the opportunity tempting but are not familiar with the process of setting up a business in Serbia, please visit our Business Establishment Serbia blog for more information. If you are travelling in the region, read our guide to the best accommodation in Belgrade and the best accommodation in Zagreb. For more information on how to travel from Bel Grade Airport to the city centre and more details on the real estate market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, see our travel guide to the Balkans and the rest of Europe.

For more information about life in Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, read our data on the real estate market in the city center and the largest cities of Serbia.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is still an expensive city, according to the latest data from CBRE Serbia, the world's largest real estate agency. Most high-quality houses in Belgrade cost between 2,500 and 3,000 euros Per meter, the cost has fallen from 4,800 euros to 5,400 euros in 2007, says Mina Kalezic, a representative of CBre Serbia.

If you do not need a house in the central Belgrade municipality, you can still get good value for money by buying houses in suburbs such as Barajevo, Lazarevac and Sopot. Those who need something in Stari Grad have a good chance of getting it for less than 2000 euros per meter.

The most popular locations are Novi Belgrade and Vracar in the city centre, while there are also peripheral districts such as Mirijevo and Zarkovo, where property prices are lower. Demand for apartments in central Belgrade, such as Stari Grad, is increasing, say real estate agents. For foreign residents, it is important to understand that most apartments for rent and sale are located outside the central area of Belgrade. This is especially true for newly built homes, "says one estate agent. The demand inNovi The supply is sad, but there is also demand from the periphery of Mirija Begrad and also from V Racar, where the real estate market is at its lowest.

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