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You wouldn't think that Belgrade, Serbia, is the place you really want to visit to spend a few days or nights. Several articles I have read about this place on the banks of the Danube describe it as not the most beautiful city in Europe, but it is definitely one of the party metropolises of Europe.

The cost of living index for Belgrade really hits the mark when comparing Monterey, California, with Vilnius, Lithuania. A direct comparison with shows that the prices in Vilnius grocery stores are roughly the same as in New York City ($1,500 a month), but slightly higher than in Los Angeles. I looked at the data and found that food prices in Belgrade are much higher than in other European cities and even in the United States. Comparing it to New York City, the price range is much closer to that of the US and much lower than in other major cities.

I understand that many more people do not know how much 6,695 Serbian dinars are, than they know how much 54.30 euros are. I think hotels should tell you what you should pay for when making a reservation, and I would be at Sun's Radisson Blu Belgrade. August 3-7, but if you are willing to use a confirmed suite upgrade for cash points during your stay and get a complimentary breakfast in the restaurant in the morning, Belgrade has a better deal for you. If you're looking for more hotel rates, Belgrade has better deals than Monterey, California.

The cheapest hotel rates start at $13, while you'll need to book a room at Thailand's most expensive hotel for $460.

The key to finding Belgrade on your list of destinations is to find a cheap hotel that costs very little money and points, and may even earn you points of loyalty. You can probably spend more for a few days in Bel Grade than the average local, but you can also stay in a hotel for a fraction of the cost, which means you will probably only have to pay one night in one of these hotels.

Belgrade was built as one of the lesser known European destinations in the post-war period. This division of the city into New Belgrade, defined by its post-war brutalists, and the Old Town was rebuilt as a city divided into two distinct parts, the Old Bel (or "B") and the New ("B").

We talked about going to places like Vilnius (Lithuania) on the express train, booking a point and talking about it during our breaks. We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel and after about 25 minutes of driving we had trouble with a Serbian taxi cheat. They offered us a flat rate of only 119 dinars (Euro), a little more than half of what we had booked in the other hotels in the city at the same price. I love package prices, as it costs only 119 dinars (euros) for a one way journey from Belgrade to Vilnius, Lithuania.

The website Numbeotus clausus informs us that the disposable income of the people in Belgrade is 500 dollars per month on average. This analysis was carried out by a number of international arrivals in Belgrade (Serbia) as a growing market. What seems more attractive to budget travellers is the fact that they can travel to several European party capitals at a fraction of the cost of other international travellers.

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Continental Hotel Belgrade has 30 apartments and suites, including a hotel room with a private pool, a wellness and fitness centre, as well as a restaurant and bar. It also has a sports and leisure centre, which includes a sports hall, gym, tennis court, swimming pool and tennis courts. Continental Hotel Belgrade has extensively renovated its hotel rooms, including 30 apartments.

FCC Angkor Avani is one of the most popular hotels in Cambodia with over 2,000 rooms and more than 1,500 suites. It is currently under construction and is due to open in the second quarter, and is the first of its kind in Africa.

The New Crowne Plaza Belgrade has 2,000 rooms and 1,500 suites and has a long history as one of the most popular hotels in the city of Serbia. It has a reputation for providing the best food and beverage service and the highest quality of service and facilities.

Stay at Hotel Indigo Belgrade: The architecture of this boutique hotel reflects the history of the district, which has its origins in the design of the hotel itself and in the interior of its rooms.

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More About Belgrade