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I have spent well over a thousand nights in hotels, but this was the first time that happened to me and it was great. Given all the hotel stays I have accumulated over the years, every room at this hotel was the best in the end. I prefer to stay in the middle of the city centre, so it was this hotel I wanted to experience. Even though I do not like to go for a walk as much as you do, I still value this place as highly as you do. It stayed in my mind because it is so close to my home and also because of its proximity to the airport.

If you stay in the old town and want to see and eat in New Belgrade, I welcome you to see some of the pearls of Belgrade in an area called Zemun, because you as a tourist might not see the city. Those who do not walk along the Danube in Z Emun and miss the great highlights in this area, must consider whether they want to try the Hyatt next time. One of these properties has a brand new hotel, the New Regency Hotel, which recently opened in Belgrade, Serbia, and I would still tend to this hotel. There is not much information about where to stay and where not, what to eat and where to go in and out of Belgrade.

The hotel certainly behaves with a few quirks and faults, but it certainly does not flatter. Each hotel stay starts with people and is then filled with specific rooms, lounges and locations.

As for the concierge team, the team is ranked according to the quality of its staff and their skills. What is interesting is that the fantastic lounge team has also been trained to be the best lounge staff in their respective countries. As mentioned above, many of the lounges (and concierge) are double trained, as are some of the other staff.

The teamwork of the staff is impressive and I enjoy their work to provide a great experience for our guests. There is real care and respect for guests, which I can imagine every Hyatt would want to show in their hotels. We believe that our reviews and contributions to the accommodation response will show that there is a wide range of opinions and experiences that help guests make a well-informed decision about where to stay. is one of the best online hotel booking sites worldwide, with over 2.5 million visitors per year.

All questions relating to services should be referred to our customer service and accommodation service teams and all promotional content will be removed. Let us offer you an experience to ensure that you receive the highest level of service in your hotel. When I looked around the spa, a hotel guest walked away and told the receptionist that he had a great massage. I happened to pass the hotel reception and saw the same guest talking about the massage, so I had to stop and ask.

After hearing the receptionists talking about the massage staff in the spa, I decided to have a massage. I found the masseuse I used and the staff noted my preferences as I was very impressed by the quality of the massages, the level of service and even the price.

The TV was in the living room, which I appreciated very much, as I do not use a TV in my hotel room. There is a toilet, sink, shower (which we got from Tiffany in a separate post) and even a bathroom with shower. The wifi in your room is mostly excellent, but there are no kind of log-ins required to access it in any of the rooms. As you can purchase lounge access as an upgrade, the lounge does not feel as busy.

I was impressed with how many amenities we had in the bathroom, all of which were branded with the Luxury Collection and offered under the advertising brand.

Breakfast was what is called "European" offer, but since we were in Serbia, we also had a full breakfast with coffee, tea and coagulation cream for $5.00 per day.

The buffet itself was excellent, with things you don't know from many other buffets, but the problem was access to the club, which could also be eaten in the restaurant. At first, the hosts simply took names and didn't really put people down, so people were sitting at tables that were already occupied or sitting on their tables and had to sit at the buffet to get food, only to return to find their table occupied.

We had planned to have dinner there, but it just didn't work out and we had a drink in the lobby bar. The hotel is well located, and there is a draisine train which makes it easy to walk from the hotel to the city centre and back. So we were able to arrive shortly after 11 p.m. and take a taxi back to our hotel, which took about 30 minutes. We had planned to go out, but were busy with the work and finally had enough to make it onto the trolley line and just a few minutes later than planned to go home.

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More About Belgrade