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Choosing the best hotels in Belgrade, Serbia, can be a confusing task, but it is also one of the most rewarding stays in the world. Located a few blocks from the city center and a few hours drive from the city center, these stylish hotels provide the perfect base to explore your city.

Fair Republic Square in Belgrade is only a few blocks from the Belgrade Market Square, and there are many cheap taxi rides. The city centre is only 10 km away, with its most popular tourist attractions such as the Royal Palace and the Belgrade Palace. On the outskirts of the capital there are many restaurants, bars, shops, cafes and restaurants as well as a variety of restaurants and bars within walking distance.

Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade is located just a few blocks from the city center and Belgrade's Main Market Square, making your stay here extremely convenient. It is great if you are travelling to Belgrade as it has one of the best air travel facilities in the world and a number of hotels and restaurants within walking distance.

In a quiet corner of the city, just a few blocks from the Main Market Square, one of Belgrade's most popular tourist attractions is located, the floating hut of Nikola Tesla.

Like most hotels in Serbia, Belgrade has a 24-hour gym, which is the ideal place to have a good time after a busy day. The SkyLounge of the Belgrade hotel offers a wide range of leisure facilities available to guests, including a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and even a gym. Amsterdam offers the most luxurious hotel in the city, with a full-service spa and fitness centre and an indoor swimming pool.

This is one of our favorite places in Belgrade, not only because of the Moskva Shnit cake (don't miss it, we love it), but also because of the beautifully decorated rooms and the location is unbeatable.

Of course, there are more food and drinks to consume. Here you will also find some of the coolest bars offering a variety of drinks and food, as well as great views of Belgrade and the city. It is just a short walk from Stari Grad and includes a number of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes and even a few hotels. On the list of the best activities in Belgrade and a great starting point for your trip, this is one of our favorite places in the whole city and definitely the most popular.

Even outside the city centre, this hostel in Belgrade acts like a quiet garden where you can read, chat and have a barbecue in the evening. The Green House is a spacious terrace with stunning views of the river and in the middle there is even a fire.

This is another stylish place in Belgrade, offering well-appointed rooms and suites with great views of the city centre and the river. There is a good selection of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the area that can make your stay in Bel Grade even more charming.

It is a bit far from the centre of Belgrade, but if you are looking for a cosy hostel, this is a fantastic choice. If you want to discover the communist history of Bel Grade, this may be the place to go. Here you will find the famous concrete blocks built during the communist era, as well as the old city centre.

It is recommended if you are looking for more traditional accommodation in Belgrade, and we also recommend it to tourists. We recommend this as one of the best places to find accommodation for those who come to Bel Grade as a tourist.

For luxury, book the five-star Metropol Palace Hotel, strategically located in the heart of Belgrade. For a taste of luxury in Palilula, Belgrade, book the four-star Hotel Palisades, one of the most luxurious hotels in Belgrade.

This is the old quarter of the capital, where some of the historic buildings of Belgrade are located, such as the Old Town Hall, the Palace Hotel and the Royal Palace. There are a number of great hotels in the city centre, but this is one of them. It is a great place to stay with friends and family or spend an evening in the city with friends, which makes Belgrade's discovery journey so much fun.

Here are the seven Belgrade districts we recommend, which we will go into more detail about. On the border between Dorcol and Stari Grad, Square Nine Bel grade is one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Belgrade. With an interior that maintains its historic charm and offers modern amenities, this hotel tops our list of the best hotels in Belgrade.

Located in the heart of Belgrade, the hotel is an exemplary offer for tourists, as it is located in an old district that stretches from the Danube and Sava rivers, a place that houses dozens of prominent cafes and shops, all the way to the Belgrade Fortress. On the outskirts of the city, just a few kilometres from the former "heart" of Belgrade, is the elegant Bel-Grade Art Hotel. It is located at the intersection of Stari Grad and Dvorak Streets, while the town of Anovac, an important tourist destination, is located about one kilometer away along the Danube - Sva.

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